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Did you know that we have a Nissan car rental program right here at Colonial Nissan? Did you also know that we are located near the University of Virginia main campus? So whether you are the parents of a young scholar or college athlete at UVA and you are coming to visit your son or daughter for a few days, or if you have other business to attend to in the Charlottesville or Lynchburg, our car rentals are a solution for your traveling needs. Additionally, unlike a commercial car rental business, when you rent a vehicle from Colonial Nissan, you are dealing with a family and employee-owned dealership is an affiliate of the legendary Carter Myers Automotive group, which has been serving Virginia drivers for nearly a century. So what does all of our experience mean for you? It means great customer service and an easy rental experience with a high-quality Nissan vehicle model of your choice. See us near the University of Virginia in Charlottesville today to inquire about your next car renting experience!

New Nissan Rogue Car Rental from Colonial Nissan

Details of Nissan Car Rental

When you visit the standard car rental place, the quality of vehicle you get to drive is at the mercy of its inventory. That is not the case with our car rentals at Colonial Nissan. Since we offer Nissan car rentals, every vehicle choice available to you is guaranteed to be a high-quality option precisely because it is a Nissan. From the smooth-driving Maxima and practical Altima sedans to the accommodating Rogue and spacious Pathfinder, we have rental options for all driving needs. Thus, no matter the details of your particular circumstances for traveling, including your number of passengers, amount of luggage, or anticipated mileage of travel, you can select the ideal Nissan model to rent from us. Moreover, since we are a full-service car dealership, you can trust that our car-rental staff is all automotive experts who can answer every question you have. Essentially, when you rent a car from us, you are renting from the experts.

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Here are just some of the principal benefits of using our Nissan car rental service: First, we are located close to the airport. This means you can fly in, get your rental car quickly, and be on your way to the University of Virginia or your other destinations in the Charlottesville or Lynchburg area in good time. Second, our rates for renting a new Nissan vehicle are as low as $19 per day! Our low prices mean you get to drive a quality car for an affordable rental price. Third, we do long-term car rentals, and we have monthly rates available should you need the rental car for extended periods of time. Maybe your vehicle is in the service center getting worked on, and you need a replacement, or perhaps you are taking summer courses at UVA and need temporary transportation for a few months. For all reasons, we have rental car solutions both short and long term. Now, just a few of the details of renting with us include drivers must be 21 years of age, and underage fees apply to drivers under 25 years old. Drivers must also have a valid driver's license and a major credit card-cash and pre-paid cards are not accepted-in order to rent a vehicle from us. However, with those basic criteria satisfied, you can be on your way driving a stunning new Nissan model for a low daily rate.

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Our Nissan car rental service at Colonial Nissan is located at our dealership in Charlottesville, which is nearby to the airport, the University of Virginia main campus, and areas like Lynchburg. The terms of our rental agreements are flexible, as well, and include daily rentals on new Nissan cars as low as $19 as well as long-term rentals and monthly rates. And remember, because we are a Nissan dealer, you are getting access to high-quality Nissan models, including sedans like the Altima or Maxima and SUVs like the Rogue. Contact us to learn more about the details of our vehicle renting offers, or visit us today in Charlottesville using the button below for driving directions. We hope to see you soon at Colonial Nissan!

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