2016 Nissan NV In Charlottesville, VA

Get More Out of Every Ride with a Nissan Commercial Van
New 2016 Nissan NV® Cargo, NV200®, & NV® Passenger for Sale in Charlottesville, VA.

Whether you're looking to take your business to the road or need more space for your personal affairs, you can depend on Nissan commercial vans to give you the results you need! Offered in an assortment of models and styles, every driver can find a Nissan van with the specifications they desire. Just make your way to Colonial Nissan to find your fit! At our Nissan dealership in Charlotte, Virginia, our inventory includes the 2016 NV® Cargo, NV200® Compact Cargo, and NV® Passenger models. During your visit, you can discover more about each model and take one for a test drive, too! Just imagine all the advantages you'll have, backed by the reliability of a new Nissan NV®.

2016 Nissan NV for sale Charlottesville VA | Colonial Nissan | Trunk

Commercial Vans for the Entrepreneur on the Go

The Nissan NV® collection makes a suitable choice for the driver-turned-entrepreneur because they are made specifically with your daily demands in mind. As such, these Nissan vans are highly effective in a fast paced environment. At our dealership, your options include the 2016 NV® Cargo, the 2016 NV200® Compact Cargo, and the 2016 NV® Passenger.

Each model is versatile in its own way. For instance, the new NV® Cargo with is a better match for drivers who intend to carry large loads. Available with either a standard roof or high roof configuration, it offers up to 234.1 and 323.1 cubic feet of space respectively, making it a great vehicle for workers with lots of equipment to lug around. Meanwhile, the new NV® Passenger that offers up to 324 different seating arrangements is a better option for drivers who need enough room for passengers and cargo alike. For drivers looking for something a little more practical, however, the fuel-efficient* NV200® Compact Cargo is recommended. Now all that's left is to figure out which model is the right one for you!

2016 Nissan NV for sale Charlottesville VA | Colonial Nissan | Side View

Find the Right Trim in Our Inventory

At Colonial Nissan, we have a large variety of Nissan vans from which you can choose. Of these, the NV® Cargo 2500 and the NV® Passenger 3500 are some of the most popular trims among our visitors. As the higher trims, the NV® Cargo 2500 and the NV® Passenger 3500 are geared with more amenities so that you have the benefit of even greater comfort and convenience while you're on the go. We encourage you to take a moment to look through our van listings to compare the different models, then stop in for a test drive once you find your match so you can witness its capabilities in person. With our support, your Nissan commercial van will be yours right away!