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Welcome to Your First New Car: Nissan Sentra

For many college kids, having a car means driving the old beater you drove in high school because - well, it’s paid for and it’s the only choice you have. With college expenses and part-time jobs, it’s hard to save up enough money to buy a brand new car.

But with graduation and the start of your first “real” job, all that…

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Nissan Sentra: The New Family’s Car of Choice

Couples starting a new family often find themselves faced with decisions on many topics that they’ve never given thought to. Is the house big enough? Is the yard safe? Will the dog or cat be okay with a new baby around? And how many outlet covers are needed?

Another question that must be considered is the size of the car they drive. No…

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Comparing the Nissan Rogue vs. the Toyota RAV4

Crossover SUVs offer a lot of benefits. They’re smaller and easier to handle than larger vehicles. They’re closer to the ground and provide car-like handling and driving characteristics, while still providing plenty of cargo space and carrying capacity. Because of those benefits, most automakers have at least one offering, which can make it challenging to navigate this segment and find the right one for your needs. We’ll compare two of the segment leaders – the Nissan Rogue and the Toyota RAV4 – below to help you make an informed decision.

The Exterior

A glance at the exterior of both…

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Chip Boyles, Executive Director of TJPDC, Test Drives the Nissan LEAF


Chip Boyles, Executive Director of the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission, joined us in #DrivingClimateSolutions by taking a Nissan LEAF for a day! The TJPDC has been around since 1972 and their mission is to plays a convene, educate and collaborate on a variety of solutions for our region (10) including transportation. They serve the City of Charlottesville and the Counties of Albemarle, Nelson, Fluvanna, Green and Louisa.

Hear more about his experience driving the…
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WINA's Les Sinclair Drives the All-Electric Nissan LEAF

Les Sinclair from Charlottesville Radio Group got behind the wheel of a Nissan LEAF for a day as part of our partnership with Community Climate Collaborative in "Driving Climate Solutions".

He told C3 about his experience:

Tell Us: How Was It?

I went into this drive of the Nissan LEAF expecting very little. I presumed it would be a very small car, with a small car feel and an economy car’s accoutrements. Basically, I…
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First Impressions of Driving the Nissan Leaf


CMA’s Colonial Nissan is excited about partnering with Charlottesville Climate Collaborative. C3’s Driving Climate Solutions campaign will introduce broad sections of our community to Electric Vehicles (EVs) by documenting the first hand experiences of some of our neighbors.

First up is Teri Kent, also known as "Better World Betty". She shared her driving experience on the C3 blog. CLICK HERE to read it.
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Driving Climate Solutions with C3


We are so excited to help launch the Driving Climate Solutions campaign with the Community Climate Collaborative (C3)! 

 C3 is putting community leaders and influencers behind the wheel of an all-electric vehicle for a day to experience first hand what it’s like to drive an EV. More importantly we want to spark awareness and conversation among these leaders’ networks about how driving electric or biking, telecommuting, taking public transit, offsetting your air travel, or…
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Discover the Safety, Design, & Performance of the Rogue & Rogue Sport

If you are starting to look at the Nissan Rogue and Rogue Sport as possible options for your next compact SUV, you will want to know exactly why they could be the right choice. When choosing any vehicle, you want to make sure it will last and be reliable, and you want to be sure that it can provide you and your passengers with the safety you deserve. Of course, you also do not want to be sitting behind the wheel of an ugly tank. Design is important. You will find that the Rogue and the Rogue Sport can offer…

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