One of the newer models from the brand, the Nissan Murano is quickly becoming a popular choice among those who get a chance to take one for a drive. This stylish SUV sits in the midsize class, offering a roomy cabin with plenty of comforts and cutting-edge technology. This comfortable vehicle is nice for long drives and offers comfortable steering and handling with a standard V6 engine that delivers a little more power and performance than most of the 4-cylinder competition.


The Murano is a standard two-row vehicle that has room for five passengers, including ample legroom and headroom in the rear. The cloth upholstery that comes standard is fairly nice, and there are plenty of soft surfaces for a sleek finish, along with faux wood details for that extra touch of elegance. One of the biggest selling points of the interior of this SUV is the Zero Gravity seating, offering premium comfort for the long ride, or even just a quick drive across town.


Nissan Safety and Reliability

As always, the Murano is another from Nissan that includes a host of standard safety features, such as adaptive cruise control, a backup camera, forward-collision warning system, emergency braking, and a rear-seat alarm to remind you of what's in the back seat once you have exited the vehicle. Also impressive, and included standard, is the driver drowsiness monitoring that will alert you if you start drifting while driving or if the vehicle notices that something is off. An alarm will sound and cause you to jolt awake so that you can safely find a place to pull over if you need to rest.


Bluetooth and Infotainment

The standard models are loaded with infotainment and creature comforts, including a standard 8-inch touch screen and voice recognition. You'll also enjoy Bluetooth connectivity, four USB ports, and more. You can upgrade to HD radio or a premium Bose sound system that includes 11 speakers, as well as premium navigation systems. NissanConnect® ensures that users have an easy time accessing all of their information and entertainment.


Fuel Economy and Performance

This SUV gets decent power on the highway, offering a standard V6 engine at 3.5 liters, which is a standard favorite for the Nissan family. This model also gets impressive gas mileage and is among the best in its class for that rating. You'll have plenty of power to keep up with traffic, and a continuously-variable transmission (CVT) ensures that you're always getting smooth transitions for the best ride every time.


The Bottom Line

The Murano isn't the only SUV of its kind, but it is certainly one of the best. It's American-built, so some drivers choose it for that alone. However, it's also full of features and options that will give you a great ride, regardless of whether you want performance, comfort, or both. When you want a reliable, adaptable midsize SUV, the Murano should definitely be at the top of your list. Test drive the Murano for yourself and see what it can do for you.

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