Nissan Frontier is every bit as rugged and ready for the open road as the name implies. This compact pickup debuted around the turn of the 21st century, and ever since, it has been working to increase its place in the compact truck market. With a low starting price, it can be a tempting base model for those who are on a budget. New models include a standard seven-inch touch screen and a much more comfortable interior, while a refined transmission guarantees a smooth ride and easy transitions.

When you want a truck that’s ready for adventure, Nissan Frontier delivers. It might not be the best in interior design or rear seat space, but it is a compact truck, so you should have compact-truck space expectations. Besides, what it lacks in these areas, it makes up for in off-road capabilities and SUV-like ingenuity to ensure that you can take this truck anywhere that you want to go.

Frontier offers a four-cylinder engine standard with an available V6 upgrade, for those who need towing and hauling with a little more power from their truck. Perhaps the biggest selling point is the low base price that includes a reasonable number of creature comforts and standard features, including things like Bluetooth, touchscreen infotainment, and more.

Performance and Power Come Standard

This compact truck offers a nine-speed automatic transmission on select models and a strong V6 engine upgrade that ensures that you can get where you need to go. Late-model Frontier trucks will even come standard with a V6 engine, allowing them to keep up with many of the bigger trucks in the market today. The suspension and steering are great for everyday driving and hitting those off-road trails, as well as for just driving across town.

The cabin offers a comfortable, quiet ride through most types of terrain, while the brakes offer plenty of braking power to ensure that you can stop on any surface. Although the interior might be a bit outdated, Nissan is upgrading where it counts — performance.

Interior Comfort and Cargo Space

The cabin offers plenty of legroom in the front for the driver and passenger, with a typically-smaller backseat that is expected of this duty truck. While other models may be designed with extensive crew cabs and other family-friendly features, Nissan Frontier is all about getting out there and getting things done. There are two cargo bed options to choose from for storing and hauling anything that you need. Interior storage isn’t easy to find in a compact truck, but Nissan does a great job of finding places for cubbies and trays that will allow you to stash loose items.

Frontier is Supposed to be Rugged

This simple, compact truck is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do — getting things done and getting you where you need to go. Great for off-roading or driving across town, Nissan Frontier offers plenty of power at an affordable price. And with lots of options for upgrades, you can customize this truck to suit all your work and hauling needs. Although it hasn’t been redesigned since 2005, it offers plenty of great features, so check it out for yourself today.

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