Nissan has long been a leader in the automotive marketplace. The brand is known for creating durable, reliable vehicles that are sturdier than many on the market today, and for offering premium safety and creature comforts all in one. The Maxima has been designed for the modern driver, offering a host of interior comforts, safety upgrades, and performance options to ensure that you get the perfect balance in your next vehicle purchase.


The Nissan Maxima offers a standard V6 engine with 300 horsepower, which is fairly standard, but it definitely delivers a little more muscle than the competition. With a new CVT engine and a comfortable ride, performance is definitely the focus for this stylish large sedan.


The Best Features

The Nissan Maxima offers a number of standard and optional features, with a list that is longer than what is available from similar models in its class. The handling is capable, and there is little road feedback, offering a smooth operation no matter what kind of roads you’re on. Of course, there are some other features of this model that are much more worth a standout mention. These include things like:

·      A leading warranty on the engine and powertrain, backed by the reliability of Nissan and the reputation of the brand’s commitment to quality.

·      Premium safety ratings across all categories from all major rating institutes on various models throughout the years.

·      Integrated and innovative safety features and enhanced infotainment technology to give you total control and make you feel more like you’re in the cockpit than the driver’s seat.

·      Smartphone integration, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay come standard, but there are also two USB ports, along with other audio and entertainment features.

·      Available standard safety features include blind spot monitoring, emergency braking assist, adaptive cruise control, pedestrian detection, and so much more.

·      A base price that’s slightly above average, but still seemingly worth every penny. With multiple trims available, the pricing will vary depending on the exact one that you choose, but you can trust that you’re making a good investment with this sedan.

·      Plenty of legroom for passengers and a reasonably-sized trunk for taking along the things that you need.

·      Premium interior materials and child seat LATCH hooks to ensure safe attachment of all car seats and booster seats.

·      Available heated and ventilated seats, heated rear seats, memory settings for the driver’s seat, and other interior upgrades. If you want full automation, the full-featured Maxima will be the one that you need.


Maxima Delivers on Solid Performance and Sporty Styling

The majority of people that choose the Maxima do so because it allows them to enjoy the sportier feel of a sedan while still getting the family and safety features that they need. Plus, it comes from Nissan, who is one of the leading manufacturers of sedans on the market today, including the fan-favorite Altima and others. If you want something a little sportier and are willing to sacrifice a little bit of trunk space, you really have nothing to lose. Test drive the Maxima today and see what a responsive sport sedan feels like.

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