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Charlottesville Tomorrow
January 30,2020

All was silent when I pushed the power button to turn on the Nissan LEAF I was about to drive on an unseasonably warm January day. As I drove around backroads near U.S. 29, the electric vehicle felt like driving any other car — except that I knew I was driving what could become the future of cars. 
Transportation plays one of the biggest roles in greenhouse gas emissions, with individual cars often outnumbering buses, bikes or other forms of transportation. While enhanced public transportation, along with urban infrastructure and design that fosters bike/pedestrian mobility, can reduce the need for cars, individuals can reduce their carbon footprint by switching from cars that use fuel to electric vehicles.
In the meantime, the city and county, along with the governor have set emissions goals. 
With local and state emissions goals on my mind, and two electric vehicle chargers I walk past every day on my way to work,  I decided to learn about EVs. So, I spoke with some EV owners, an advocacy group, and test drove a Nissan LEAF myself.

CLICK HERE to read the full article, including the writer's conversation with Paul Limbacher, CMA's Colonial Nissan LEAF specialist.