Nissan Sentra: The New Family’s Car of Choice

Couples starting a new family often find themselves faced with decisions on many topics that they’ve never given thought to. Is the house big enough? Is the yard safe? Will the dog or cat be okay with a new baby around? And how many outlet covers are needed?

Another question that must be considered is the size of the car they drive. No longer is a two-seat sports car practical or safe. When a baby comes along, back seats take a higher priority, and suddenly it’s all about whether they’re LATCH-compliant or not. If you and your partner are getting ready to start a family, the Nissan Sentra is an excellent car to consider. Compact, stylish, and roomy enough for five (grandparents will be around more now!), the Nissan Sentra is the perfect car for a new family’s needs.

Car Seat Compliant

The Nissan Sentra has full sets of LATCH car seat connectors on both sides of the rear seat, as well as an additional upper tether anchor in the middle of the rear seat. This means you can load in three child car seats. While having three kids may not be your plan, couples have been known to have twins or triplets the first time out. It’s good to know you’re covered in that event. Multiples aside, you’ll have room for your family to grow when little brother or sister comes along.

Safety Comes Standard

The Nissan Sentra comes with lots of standard safety equipment. A total of six airbags are standard. Front and side-mounted airbags protect driver and passenger, and roof-mounted curtain side-impact airbags protect the heads of backseat passengers. Anti-lock brakes and a traction control system keep you stable and in control in the event of a sudden slow-down or dicey road conditions.

Driver Assist Features Keep Your Family Safe

When you choose a Nissan Sentra for your new family, you can invest in added peace of mind with Nissan’s available driver assist features. Called Nissan Intelligent Mobility, these features are like having a second set of eyes on the road. For instance, blind spot detection alerts you if another vehicle enters your blind spot. By knowing someone is there, you’re less apt to change lanes into another car. Rear cross traffic alert is very helpful when backing out of parking spaces and helps avoid those all-too-common parking lot accidents.

Also available is intelligent cruise control. This feature helps you maintain a safe distance between your car and the vehicle ahead of you, reducing the chance of an accident if the car ahead stops suddenly. Automatic emergency braking can also help prevent an accident. These driver assist features are invaluable when it comes to safety on the road.

The Perfect Family Car

The Nissan Sentra is a practical, reliable car that’s the perfect size for a new family. With all the standard safety and available driver assist features, you can drive with assurance, knowing that your precious cargo is protected. That’s priceless!

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