If you are starting to look at the Nissan Rogue and Rogue Sport as possible options for your next compact SUV, you will want to know exactly why they could be the right choice. When choosing any vehicle, you want to make sure it will last and be reliable, and you want to be sure that it can provide you and your passengers with the safety you deserve. Of course, you also do not want to be sitting behind the wheel of an ugly tank. Design is important. You will find that the Rogue and the Rogue Sport can offer what you need, and either could be a good option for you to consider.

The Safety Features

With the Rogue, you will find a variety of trim options that you can consider. All have some stellar safety features. Some of the features that come standard include Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection and Intelligent Lane Intervention

The Rogue Sport can offer a range of safety features that come standard including Automatic Emergency Braking, Blind-Spot Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and the Advanced Drive-Assist Display.

Of course, you will also find that the overall quality of the vehicles, the engineering, and the materials used help to provide a safe environment. The vehicles have excellent brakes, tires, airbags, and more basic safety features.

The Performance

Safe vehicles are great, but you also want to be sure the vehicle can perform well. The Nissan Rogue can get 26 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway. It has 175hp and 175 lb.-ft. torque It also comes equipped with a 2.5L engine with a Continually Variable Valve Timing Control System.

With the Rogue Sport, you will still be able to get 25 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway. This vehicle has 141hp and 147 lb.-ft torque. The Sport also has different driving modes, which can be fun and efficient. The Eco Mode is excellent for helping to maximize fuel efficiency, while the Sport Steering Mode can be a lot of fun.

You will also be able to enjoy Intelligent AWD with these vehicles. This helps to ensure the vehicle can adapt to the changing conditions of the road, so you have the power and traction that you need when you need it.

The Design

The look of the vehicle is essential, as well. You will find that the Rogue and the Sport are both blessed with a great design and appearance. Inside and outside, they are sleek vehicles that are available with varying exterior colors and interior color and fabric choices.

If the design, safety, and longevity of your next vehicle are essential, be sure to consider the Rogue and the Rogue Sport. These are great offerings from a trusted manufacturer, and they could be an excellent choice for the daily commuter to the rugged outdoor adventurer. Learn more about each trim and discover which may be best for your driving needs!


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