When you are looking for a new sedan, you know that you want to choose the best option that will meet your particular needs. It is crucial to select a vehicle that has the performance features you need, as well as trusted safety features. Of course, you also want to make sure that you have a vehicle that looks great and can turn heads no matter where you go. Once you start to uncover all of the benefits and features that the Nissan Altima offers, you can find that it could be an excellent option for your next vehicle.

Great Control on the Road with Intelligent AWD

When you are behind the wheel, you want to know that you are in control of the car. You want to feel connected to the vehicle and the road, and this is possible thanks to the available Intelligent All-Wheel Drive. The Altima is the first sedan from Nissan that has this technology, and it can help to completely change the driving experience. It is the type of feature that you would expect to find in an SUV, but not in a sedan.

The AWD provides better handling no matter what the weather might throw at you. The intelligent system will monitor the conditions on the road and then respond by providing the vehicle with the right amount of traction in the right areas. It responds to the changes at lightning speed, meaning that no matter what the road conditions might be, you will have more control. Whether there is rain, mud, wet pavement, or anything else, you will be happy to have so much control behind the wheel. It can help to improve your confidence no matter the condition.

When using the Intelligent AWD, the system will distribute the power to all four of the wheels to provide the best responsiveness and traction. When the driving conditions are normal, the Intelligent All-Wheel Drive will send the power to the front wheels only. This will help to improve the already excellent fuel economy of the Altima.

Of course, as impressive as the Intelligent AWD is, there are plenty of other reasons to consider getting an Altima as your next vehicle, as well.

Quality Technology Integration

The Nissan Altima has a wealth of technology available, which is becoming more and more important for car buyers. The vehicle has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and there is a handy navigation service as well. With NissanConnect Services Skill with Amazon Alexa, it is possible to lock and unlock the doors, start the car remotely, flash the lights, and more with just your voice. It can also work with Google Assistant.

The vehicle offers a quality display, instrument cluster, and an optional Bose Premium Audio System. Heated front seats, a heated steering wheel, and Dual Zone Automatic Temperature Control are available features as well.

A Great Option for Every Driver

It is easy to see why so many people are choosing the Nissan Altima as their next sedan. It could very well be the right choice for you too!


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